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I go by Koceta or GM, and I consider myself a hobbyist writer, animator and artist. I love trying new ways to make art and learning about different mediums, styles and techniques, but only for fun. I am a fan of MLP:FiM, A:TLA and LoK, HTTYD, and the big one; Homestuck. I don't have a facebook, tumblr, twitter, myspace, skype, google plus, msn, or any of that junk. DA is the only place for me. :dalove:


18 was not the kind of bird to come out of sleep gradually. One minute he would be dead to the world, and the next on high alert. In fact, 18 woke up so suddenly that Ro nearly jumped at such a drastic switch. The pied falconet blinked a few times, wide eyed and disoriented. He snapped his head to Ro.


[Good morningKeyblink by Twistyd] the dragon tried to start off on the right foot, but 18 cut him off.


“Why are you here? Who are you?” the assassin demanded.


[I am Ro and we are opponents for the third roundKeyblink by Twistyd]


18 felt his heart speed up in his chest. How long ago did the third round start? How long had the dragon been in here while his guard was down? His mind racing, 18 quickly analyzed the situation.  Ro was big. So big in fact, that he took up most of the space in the basket. His wings blocked the windows and his neck and tail we're long enough to strike him easily. It was unlikely he could escape.


As inconspicuously as possible 18 brought himself into a sitting position, subtly flexing his wings to see how they felt. Not once did he take his eyes off the dragon.


“So round three has started?”  18 said to buy himself some time. His whole body was stiff and every muscle ached. He didn't even know where to begin with his feathers.


[Yes, but please listen. I do not want to fight youKeyblink by Twistyd]


“Yeah, right.”


[Please, can we talk? Neither of us is in any condition to fight, and I am positive we can reach a solution without any more bloodshedKeyblink by Twistyd]


While he spoke, 18 caught sight of all the bandages on Ro’s wings and relaxed ever so slightly. Maybe the playing field is more level than he thought.


[Why did you join the tournament?Keyblink by Twistyd]


“Why should I tell you?”


[Because I have a hunch you and I have a lot in commonKeyblink by Twistyd]


“I highly doubt that.”


Ro sighed, trying to keep his patience. He went on;


[I have heard rumors that you are a slave on your home world. Could it be you seek the power of time travel to prevent yourself from committing a crime?Keyblink by Twistyd]


“What? Who told you that?”


[Wisp gossip. But your reaction suggests there is truth in these claims?Keyblink by Twistyd]


“No! That’s wrong! They’re all wrong!” 18 blurted out without thinking. “Conspiracy threatens my kingdom, and I need to go back to make sure those who wish to harm it never get a chance!”


[Kingdom? Conspiracy?Keyblink by Twistyd] Ro asked quizzically. [Do you live in a monarchy?Keyblink by Twistyd]


“Of course! I hail from the glorious Falcon Kingdom and allied Eagles! I am their eighteenth Master Assassin!”


[Why does a kingdom need assassins?Keyblink by Twistyd]


18 was hot with anger, answering too quickly to realize what he was saying.


“To take out birds from the enemy Hawk and Owl Kingdoms, of course! The raptors of my world have been at war for longer than anyone can remember!”


[Longer than anyone can remember? Then what do you fight for?Keyblink by Twistyd]


18’s feather’s bristled.  A sick, uneasy feeling settled in his stomach and he did not know why.


“Does it matter? It is my privilege and my responsibility to see that the Falcon Kingdom never falls to the talons of terrorists at all costs!”


[Hypocritical. If you can't remember why you fight, then the war and the kingdoms are pointless. Besides, it sounds to me like you are being usedKeyblink by Twistyd]


18’s anger swelled into rage. The rage spiraled into fury and 18 went blind with it. He launched himself into the air, forcing in his stiff muscles to comply.


“You take that back!” 18 dove at the dragon, but Ro was ready.


Ro willed is gravitational field into effect, bending its properties so all things with mass were repelled by him. The air around 18 congealed and thickened.  It was like trying to fly through tar. 18’s physical strength was no match for it and the tiny Falcon was forced back.


As Ro’s gravitational shield expanded, so too did the basket; Chimera’s magic finally kicking in at the first signs of an actual fight, and the volume seemed to increase tenfold. 18 begin to fear he would be pushed right out the windows, but no matter how much he struggled he could not break free.


What happened next shocked both competitors. Ro head expected to shove the bird out, but instead 18 impacted thin air is if he’d hit an invisible wall. Ro retracted his field to test the windows with his own hand. Nothing was there, yet he could not reach out. They were trapped in the basket.


With the dragon’s gravitation gone, 18 rebounded for another attack, coming and wide, hoping to sneak up from behind. Ro had not forgotten about him, though. He dodged then spun, trying to whip 18 with his tail. 18 banked and barrel rolled then came around again, but Ro give one mighty down stroke of his wings in the wind forced the falconet to retreat against his will.


Each side returned to a bench and faced each other in stalemate.


[Eighteen, you may not believe me, but in a sense I am a slave like youKeyblink by Twistyd]


18 did not respond. He would not risk getting distracted by his opponent’s words as he calculated his next move.


[My whole planet was destroyed. my entire race obliterated. I understand how it feels to be cast out and alone, to lose what you loveKeyblink by Twistyd] Ro sat down cautiously, equally wary of what 18 might do. [I searched for decades for any survivors. Anyone who could have possibly escaped. I know that it feels like you're a slave to your fate. Sentenced to be alone foreverKeyblink by Twistyd]


There was silence between them. Ro wasn't sure if his words were getting through to 18, so he decided to move on to the next step in his plan.


[Do you know what a paradox is? In short, a time paradox means that something that has already happened in the past cannot be changed, no matter what you do. History is set in stone and cannot be alteredKeyblink by Twistyd]


“Lies!” 18 dared to say. “That is why we're here! To fix our past!”


[It is not scientifically possibleKeyblink by Twistyd] Ro interjected. [Whatever crime you committed in the past you will always be destined to do. You cannot alter historyKeyblink by Twistyd]


“Oh yeah?” 18 sprung in the air and hovered. “If you’re so certain that I can't change my past, then what makes you think you can change yours?”


[I no longer plan to change my pastKeyblink by Twistyd] Ro simply stated. [If I managed to escape my plant’s demise, then I know others of my kind did as well. If not, then I will go back and make sure some do get away so my species does not go extinct. And I will go with themKeyblink by Twistyd]


“So you’d be running like a coward.” 18 spat.


[Better alive and a coward than a death in vain trying to prevent what cannot be stoppedKeyblink by Twistyd]


“What a waste of Chimera’s prize! While you would rather flee, I'm trying to save an entire kingdom!”


[AND I AM TRYING TO SAVE AN ENTIRE CIVILIZATION!Keyblink by Twistyd] Ro’s tablet shouted at its maximum volume. [My wish is for the greater good, and logically this is why I should win! Eighteen, monarchies are inefficient and outdated. If you save it, you will only be prolonging a futile warKeyblink by Twistyd]


“Take that back! You don't know anything about my kingdom!"


[I know that you're being used!Keyblink by Twistyd]


18 flew fast, faster than Ro could follow. He spiraled around the dragon, searching for a weak spot. The falconet pulled away, sailing up and then plummeting into a corkscrew dive, retrieving two throwing stars as he fell. He pulled up centimeters from the basket floor then rushed Ro head on. He threw the stars, but Ro was quick. He brought his wings up as a shield to protect his face and the stars bounced right off. The assassin swooped away.


[My plan failed. He will not listen to reason. I will have to use force. Jose is there any door charges?Keyblink by Twistyd]


“Barely. Certainly not enough to make a door big enough for you to go through.”


[Big enough for a bird?Keyblink by Twistyd]


“I can try. What’s your next plan?”


[Birds die flying too fast into windows. Place one door behind me and one in front at the very last secondKeyblink by Twistyd]


18 was coming around again. Despite the baskets manipulated size, the area was still too small for anything more than a direct frontal attack. He zoomed in head on, unaware of the air distorting in front of him.


What happened next neither of them understood. 18 had locked on his target, ready to try and attack with his Sais, Jose had set the portals, and Ro stood wide open as bait.


But suddenly 18’s right wing spasmed and froze in mid-air. The sudden lock of his wing yanked the rest of his body so hard he feared he dislocated his shoulder. For one confusing second 18 hung in mid-air by invisible strings. Everyone blinked in surprise. Before 18 or Ro could react, a prickling sensation spread through the falconet’s feathers, radiating from the substitutes Chimera had given him. Then with the lurch, 18 was thrown sideways, jerked around by his wing and screeching in panic.


“Ro, I can't keep the door open any longer,” Jose said. “You’ll have to defeat him some other way. There’s no more power left.”


[No problem. He has lost control. I can win easily nowKeyblink by Twistyd] Ro got up from his seat and moved to the center of the basket. 18 was busy being tossed around like a rag doll. Ro swiped and snapped, and stomped but the bird kept being pulled away just out of his range.


To any outsider, it may have looked like an elaborate dance as the two twisted and parried around each other, but it got real old real quick.


[Enough is enoughKeyblink by Twistyd] Ro said in frustration. [I will make you come to me!Keyblink by Twistyd]


Manipulating his gravity once more, Ro made himself dense, pulling everything towards him. He had to focus hard to override 18’s fitful flying.


18 was sucked in and hit Ro in the chest with such force that whatever spell was on his wings was broken. He fell to the ground right between the dragon feet.


[This round is overKeyblink by Twistyd] Ro said flatly, and raised his foot to stomp on the bird. 18 barely managed to scramble away, scurrying between Ro’s legs and climbing up his tail into his blue mane.


[Hey!Keyblink by Twistyd] Ro shouted. The dragon twisted and stretched with his arms and neck, but could not reach the falconet. His wings were in the way. He tried to smack 18 against his back with his tail, but 18 dodged, swinging from tufts of blue hair while Ro fought to maintain balance.


“His one blind spot,” 18 realized. If he wanted to win, he’d have to defeat Ro from here, and now before the dragon decided to crush him against a wall.


“You may not be a bird, but you still have wings!” 18 shimmied up the length of Ro’s spine, right between his shoulder blades. He readied his Sais. “Let’s see if yours works the same as mine!”


18 plunged a sai into the dragon’s skin, one on each side of the backbone right where the nerve cord would be for bird wings. He twisted them like levers, desperate to inflict as much damage as possible.


Ro’s tablet let out non-human sounds, and 18 could only assume that it was how it translated pain. The dragon threw his head back, his wings stiffened and then went limp at his sides. Ro fell to his hands and knees from a sudden lack of balance. 18 pulled out his weapons then flew back to the bench. The two were eye level now and Ro looked at him in horror.


[What did you do?Keyblink by Twistyd] The Dragon asked.


“I severed the nerves in your wings. You will never fly or run away like a coward again.”


[HOW COULD YOU?Keyblink by Twistyd] Ro lunged at the bird, but 18 shot up, well away from his jaws.


Ro couldn’t stop his forward momentum, however, and his head was shoved right through the window. The invisible walls were gone and the basket was back to its original size. The round was over.  Ro twisted and pulled, but he was more stuck this time than before because now his tablet was in the way. Seeing that Ro was incapacitated, 18 landed on the ledge next to him.


“Be thankful I decided to spare your life. All of the competitors here simply want to use the prize for your own gain.”


[If you think everyone here is only trying to get that prize for themselves, then you are terribly ignorant. Just ask around and you will find that you're grossly mistaken. Not everyone here is as selfish as you thinkKeyblink by Twistyd]


“I am not listening to you. You are a coward and a liar. I will go back in time, I will fix my mistakes, and it will be possible to change the past!”


[So do the lives and pasts of people here not matter? Does the destruction of my entire race not matter?Keyblink by Twistyd]


“I don't care about anyone else here! I don't care about you or your race! I just care about my kingdom!”


[You are more blind than I thoughtKeyblink by Twistyd] Ro said slowly. [Even if you do change your past, you will always be a slaveKeyblink by Twistyd]


“Shut up,” 18 hissed, and out of pure spite he bit the latch on Ro’s collar, unbuckling the tablet from his neck. Ro’s stomach flip-flopped as he watched the tablet fall from the top of the Ferris wheel. Time seemed to slow, and maybe it did, as the machinery plummeted towards Earth and shattered on the ground.

“Now no one can hear your lies again.”

Leaving Ro stranded and stuck, 18 leapt from the Ferris wheel and flew off in search of Chimera to claim his spot in the final round.

Helpful Artsy Stuff

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