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I go by Koceta or GM, and I consider myself a hobbyist writer, animator and artist. I love trying new ways to make art and learning about different mediums, styles and techniques, but only for fun. I am a fan of MLP:FiM, A:TLA and LoK, HTTYD, and the big one; Homestuck. I don't have a facebook, tumblr, twitter, myspace, skype, google plus, msn, or any of that junk. DA is the only place for me. :dalove:

You know how I have a new obsession like.. every week? Well, it's been about two or three so I'm overdue. Don't worry though! This week it's a crowd favorite; Portal! So gather 'round, friend, and I will tell you how I spiraled down into yet another idée fixe.

It all started when I decided to read some fan fiction for no discernible reason. I seriously cannot remember why, but last week I decided to go into my fan fiction folder on by bookmarks bar and started reading a highly recommended work; "Blue Sky" by Waffles. (This fan fiction has been in my bookmarks bar for 2 YEARS but I'll get back to that.) Anyway, I think I decided to sit down and read it because a) I was putting off homework and/or studying b)I had actually FINISHED all my assignments for a change or c) deviantart and youtube were boring at the moment. Whatever the reason, I was bored that day and wanted to do anything but be productive. 

And GOD DAMN, I WISHED I HAD NEVER PUT OFF READING THIS STORY. I'm not going to talk about it, because enough people out there have already sung its praises (all of which were not exaggerating!), but I WILL say that this is the kind of writing style I wish to achieve one day. Thinking back to my own fan fictions, I recently said on one of my latest entries that pacing is hard. I'm trying to show and not tell, but I'm not at the degree of skill I wish to be yet. THIS STORY IS EVERYTHING I ASPIRE TO ACHIEVE. If you want to read, click here:… It helps if you've finished portal 2, but not necessary... (well, okay it is kind of necessary if you don't want spoilers). It took me about 3 days to read through (although that was because I was reading OBSESSIVELY) and in the end, I was happy, if not emotionally distraught. It's not a sad story, by far. I think I was more upset by the fact that the story had to end rather than how it ended.

Once I did finish, I did the only things I could think of to relieve the emotional pain; I went on a fave-ing spree, where I added over 150 deviations to my newly added Portal sub-folder in my favorites, and I replayed portal 1 and 2. I played through portal 2 first, finishing it over the course of three days. I also did that thing where when you get stuck on a puzzle and are too stubborn to admit defeat or look up the answer and you just go to bed frustrated and angry, but then the moment you wake up the next day you know the solution in your mind and you're pissed off at how stupid you are for not seeing how simple it really was. Yeah, that happened to me three times since it's been over a year since I last played portal. After I finished the sequel, I went back and played portal 1. Fun fact, this was the first time I actually beat portal 1. Back in 2012 when I came home for spring break, xMitsubachix found out about my gaming adventures. I just wanted to do co-op with her on Portal 2, but she wouldn't until I beat the first one. I almost got through all the basic chambers, but we ran out of time. Last Christmas, my dad got me portal 1 through steam and I beat it in two hours. Then I spent an hour going between the two games and trying to get all the easy achievements I could unlock on my own.

OH, HEY, MITSU, IT HAPPENED AGAIN. Okay, so I don't know if you remember, but when you forced me to play portal 1, at one point we thought we heard Chell make a noise after taking damage (I think it happened for us in the puzzle chamber where she gets the companion cube) WELL, IT DID IT AGAIN FOR ME. It wasn't the same room, but Chell DID make a noise after getting shot by a turret, so she's not a total mute! (which the rest of the fandom probably already knows)

Back tracking a bit, I want to talk about fan art. After I had finished reading "Blue Sky" I was trying to figure out exactly how long ago I had bookmarked it. I couldn't remember when or even how I had heard about it.. until I was going on a fave-and-run binge and I came across this: Blue Sky: Bagels I physically did a double take before fave-ing and audibly exclaimed; "WAIT-!" I had seen this before and I was familiar with the artist, because it was the same person who made the sewing patterns for the giant Night Fury plushie I made in 2010. So the date says march of 2012. I probably saw this on the front page, or had checked up on the artist after looking through my httyd favorites one day, but I think this was what introduced me to "Blue Sky". Also, "Blue Sky"s start anniversary was 11 days ago, October third, and is's completion anniversary will be on the 22nd of November. I'm only three years late to this party, but the fact that I had known about it for TWO AND A HALF YEARS drives me up the fucking wall because I feel like I missed out on all the best hype.

Comparing the two games, I still like Portal 2 over Portal 1 because it has a bit more story and better controls. I especially love that portals fired in 2 will ALWAYS have their angles locked at 90 or 180 instead of the "exact angle you shot at" that 1 has. It really helps you pull off the quicker moves that require you to fling yourself. ALSO PORTAL 2 HAS WHEATLEY. AS IF I DIDN'T LOVE HIM ENOUGH BEFORE BLUE SKY, I MEAN COME ON. I HAVE THE "WHEATLEY LABORATORIES" SHIRT, A MINI WHEATLEY LED KEY CHAIN AND THE GOD DAMN WHEATLEY PLUSH. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE PORTAL 2 WITH HIM THERE?

I'm sorry I yelled at you. Please forgive me.

what was I talking about... I can't remember. I think the only good thing to come of my weekly fixations is that it certainly inspires me to do art. Granted, now all I want to do is draw portal related things, but hey, art is art, and as long as I'm inspired to make it, who cares what the subject is. You guys love me enough to put up with obsessive fan art, right? ...right? Anyway, aside from fan art, I couldn't help but look at portal merch on thinkgeek. They have the scale portal gun models back in stock! Sadly they're $130. It's alright, though because I've made my own along with a companion cube and Chell cosplay;… and BOY WAS THAT AN ADVENTURE. Speaking of cosplay, I bought boots years back that I wanted to modify into long fall boots, but never got around to it. I might just try and find some "long fall socks" instead, maybe even buy some flexable rulers, paint 'em black, and tack those on for the braces... yeah... that could work... I'm not gonna make it to halloween, but AggieCon 46 WATCH OUT.

Also, I finally got my videos to the wolf sanctuary trip up on youtube; [link] [link]
And here are videos of my Ethology field trip to fossil rim: [link] [link] [link] 
Sorry they're not edited. I couldn't be bothered.

I think that's all I have to pontificate about for now. This journal took me... an hour and a half to type. Excellent time wasted~ (lol, I was playing portal just before I started typing this, and i forgot it was tuesday and completely missed out on one of my student club meetings. woops)

I remembered somethings I wanted to rant about! Okay, so blue sky, I believe I found the author's tumblr, and if their "about me" page is up to date, then they turned/are turning 18/19 in 2014. Blue sky was written in 2011, which means they were 15/16 when they wrote it. I am jealous. 

Also, totally unrelated, but the Monarch Butterflies are migrating! They aren't in huge swarms like in mexico, but there are quite a few of the pretty fluttering things flitting by when I wait at the bus stop. They're so pretty and they sure do brighten up my day~

EDIT 2: added my fossil rim videos~
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